Hey everyone, know it's been a while since we've formally done something with the server, but good news: Still being worked on.
I won't bore you with what's been going on with my life or in Fire's because let's be honest, the stuff further down is what you really want to know. So to kick things off Fire has given me the files so I can work on development at my own pace and we can start having (more than current) regular updates.

Fire will be working with me on pushing out updates, on development, and other server related tasks. I am not taking over Fire-PK, just working with Fire on returning this server to its former glory and raising it to a new high.

And for our members who no longer frequent the forums/client, we will be sending out a mass e-mail again to all registered members of this news, as we all know that what made this server great was the members who were a part of it. And I know that a good portion of them are supportive of Fire and I working together and are looking forward to what comes out of this merger.

I will have 90% free reign over additions to the server, as I will be able to create any update I want for the client. The caveat to this is that I will touch base with Fire and ensure that we are both on board with the update for the sake of the server's health.

We are still looking at suggestions, so please do not ignore that sub-forum.
Our wiki is still under construction, I know that Mike is ready to work on that with me, but I will be open to receiving help from other members who wish to assist the wiki.

I will also have the ability to decide on staff members, and their rank, again, the caveat to this is I will consult Fire before making any decisions like this, as it holds a large impact to the server and community.

We are NOT looking for ideas for... [Read More]