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New #1 Gear
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So... Hey guys :D
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Dark Beast
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Tourmented Demon guide /...
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read please.
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Buyin claws
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Jail appeal
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Nov 28 Updates

Nov 28, 2014 - 6:13 AM - by Fire pk
Nov 28 Updates

- Added Frost bone to frost dragons
- Fixed low level glitch with high mage
- Improved player saving and loading (removed unneeded code)
- Added ::wiki command, brings you to the forum wiki page.
- Added ::rule command, Brings you to the forum rule page.
- Added ::barrow
- Can't alch Fire Cape
- Need 94 mage and 40 def to cast "vengence"
- Faster specs for mods (just like donators)
- Removed "pk ticket" drop from torm demon
- Removed ::getid command
- Mage of zamorak is now at skilling for runecrafting skilling teleport.
- Added air altar.
- Fixed burnt fish ID for some fish.
- Added RS midi songs (might give you power to change to your choise in future)
- You now keep your void if you're not skulled (and don't have anything worth more).

Note: I know it's not much but I've been busy this whole week. 2-3 more weeks for college and then Ill have all the time to add more contant to the server including more bosses, pk shops, slayer shops and more items ingame.
  15 Replies | 418 Views

Void knight gear announcement

Nov 22, 2014 - 8:29 PM - by LeonQ3
Void is Happy-ish again. Happy PKing

Originally Posted by Fire pk View Post

- You now keep your void if you're not skulled (and don't have anything worth more).

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Nov 18 Updates

Nov 19, 2014 - 4:40 AM - by LeonQ3

Alright everyone, these are some small updates, but just so everyone knows what they were.

Dragonfire shield now has the charged stats, if your DFS does NOT have the charged stats, unequip it and reequip it.
When you wear it the second time, it will have the +70 stats

Frost Dragons now drop Arma hilt and godsword shards instead of AGS.
To view their wiki page for drop percentages, click

All Bandos minions now have a 1/50 kill rate to access their rare drop table.
This is less common than the previous rate.
  12 Replies | 442 Views

Nov 17 Updates

Nov 18, 2014 - 5:05 AM - by LeonQ3

Alright everyone, Fire wanted me to make sure he got the recognition for this part:

Dragonfire shields in PvP now have full animation and prevent you from speccing while attacking. no double hits with DFS.
Also, DFS now specs with mage damage for PvP. Still melee damage in PvM. This will come in the next update.
DFS Damage has also been buffed for PvM

The rest of this you can thank both myself and fire for. Whoever you wish to thank the most:


The following skills have been updated:
Prayer: Prayer exp rates have been lowered.
Mining: Experience received from mining rocks has been reduced.
Herblore: You can now get herbs to make potions with via the Farming skill
Fishing: Fishing has been added to the western fishing plot at the skillzone. This has much better exprates than v2 and v3. You're welcome.
Cooking: Cooking burn rate has been increased. Experience has been increased as well. You're welcome.
Crafting: Crafting is now funtional. Requires gemstones and chisel. Only makes amulets.
Firemaking: Firemaking has been added. You can now burn any logs anywhere when using them with a tinderbox. This fire will be seen by everyone, and turns into ashes which everyone can pick up.
Fletching: Make # options are functional. Animation has been added
Woodcutting: Woodcutting from tree to magic tree has been added to the skillzone.
Runecrafting: Runecrafting is now added in-game. Speak to the zamorak mage at the skillzone to be teleported to the abyss
Farming: The farming skill is now available. It is herbs only and is located next to the eastern fishing plot in the
... [Read More]
  21 Replies | 1,198 Views

Change your password!!!

Nov 15, 2014 - 4:22 AM - by Fire pk

Alright guys, as you might know, a password list on "Pk Fast" has been leaked few weeks ago, and someone is trying to steal players accounts.
To stay safe, please
change your password to something you've never used before and make sure to put a bank pin to protect your bank!

This is really IMPORTANT, don't blame me if you get hacked from now on.
  11 Replies | 535 Views

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