What is Fire-Pk?

Fire-Pk is the top of the line in RSPS with at least 300 players on a day, and staff on daily. Weekly updated server, with a friendly community.

Donor Benefits- Regular Donors get unlimited yell
- Super Donors get unlimited yell and ::banker
- Super Donors and Regular Donors get to go to Donator Island
- 2 Free Rares 1 Regular item from the donor chest
- Cool symbol in-game!.

What do we have?

-Active Staff
-Regular Player Can Yell
-Assistants and Veteran status
-Donator/Super Donator island
-300 players on a day willing to help YOU.
-Server has been up for 3 year
-Custom Maps!
-Custom PK Areas!


-Corp Beast
-Tormented demons
-Custom bosses such as Flambeed, Fire-Pk Beast, Penance Queen, Sea troll Queen and many more

Latest update:

- October 6 Updates
- Double Voting Reward
- Pking on Top of GE is back.
- Added more items to slayer shop.
- Increased all drop rates by x3.

DOWNLOAD FirePk Client for Win/Mac/Linux. It is FREE!